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Different problems require different solutions.

Combining data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you can get the insights your business needs.

Computer Vision

State of the art methodologies are used to tackle image based problems old and new alike, ranging from simple handwriting recognition to ultra accurate face detection mechanisms. Advanced scene understanding can be achieved by combining multiple image analysis techniques including object detection and semantic segmentation. Specialized applications for understanding human movement can be built through posture detection. Small scale problems can be managed with pretrained models without the need for large datasets. Wide scale applications can be built on highly adapted neural networks where large datasets are available.

Natural Language Processing

Mining large volumes of text without human supervision allows for the development of sentiment analysis solutions, summarization routines and other text classification systems. Decision support for using these applications can be further enriched with real-time implementations for fast response mechanics. Chatbots, either pretrained or custom built can be adapted to virtually any environment; from front facing website customer support to internal networks search and classification assistants. Scraping support and market intelligence extraction, based on modern deep learning networks can bring unparalleled value through previously untapped datasets.

Recommender Systems

Complex recommendation algorithms finely tailored to optimize a specific mix of metrics and customer journeys provides unparalleled depth to the arsenal of a marketing department. Many state of the art methods can be applied, from collaborative, content or utility based to highly adaptive behavioural algorithms.

Marketing Optimization

Online marketing industry experience combined with tried and tested predictive analytics. Tools that support growth and conversion. Widely used models for reducing churn or predict lifetime customer value are implemented using modern machine learning; fast and reliable. Unsupervised models for behavioural segmentation can be combined with advanced simulations for a variety of optimization scenarios. Strategic decision making is supported with marketing mix models; these allow for fine grained marketing budget optimization. Multi touch attribution models harness the power of big data to understand in near real time various online customer journeys; from acquisition to any type of conversion.

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive reporting systems can be built either on existing infrastructure or designed and implemented from scratch. Smart systems designed to integrate complex multi-source ETL situations, highly customizable automations can be adapted to practically any environment. On those foundations, anomaly detection systems and complex alert solutions can be developed and integrated.

Data Strategy

Our rich experience and complementary skill sets in the fields of analytics, data science and engineering allow for a thorough understanding of your business needs and objectives. Any sort of successful data implementation can only be based on good definitions of desired outcomes, and that requires a good data strategy to begin with. The methods used to achieve them should be adapted to your environment and infrastructure.

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