Meet The Team

We are committed to your success.

Rolando Larrainci
Rolando Larrainci
Director Of Operations | Co-Founder

Rolo holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and has almost 20 years in the IT industry. He's an expert in project planning and excecution. Covering from the project inception and scope definition to the software and data architecture. He can make sure the output of the project is what you needed and more. Prior to co-founding Glaux, he worked as developer, architect and CTO. He's also co-founder of Kaizen Softworks.

Theo Petanidis
Theo Petanidis
Data Scientist | Co-Founder

Theo Petanidis has a Master's Degree in Data Science. He contributes his expertise in predictive and customer insight analytics. He also specializes in computer vision and image analysis. He is comfortable in big data environments and has a long experience in both performance marketing and finance. He holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine and leverages that background by applying data science methods on medical datasets.

Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez
Data Analyst | Co-Founder

Andres has over 15 years’ experience in analytics, business intelligence and data science across travel, gaming, and media industries. He's helped companies develop products, optimise contact strategies, reduce customer churn and reduce costs. His focus has always been to translate business questions into data problems and get valuable insights from it.

Our Mission

We allow businesses to understand themselves better through Artificial Intelligence. We apply cutting edge machine learning algorithms, solving everyday problems in an approachable, explainable, actionable manner.

Our Values

Transparency - Open and upfront communication is key for effective teamwork

Commitment - we do our best

Excellence - we strive to give the best possible solution

Adaptability - not all situations are equal

Collaboration - we understand & solve problems as a team. In Glaux and with out clients too

Fun - We have fun and we share our enjoyment

Simplicity - We believe in the elegance of simple solutions